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As an online-only platform, digest and shop, we find ways to reconstruct and reimagine the art experience. We look toward digital possibilities to interface with artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to support the visual arts.

The Little Paper

Cartellino in Italian, the “little paper” was a prominent marker in early Renaissance portraiture. Though innocuous, the cartellino would contain key details: the artist’s signature or the subject’s name, a personal motto, or religious salutation.

Cartellino is something similar, a supplement, for those looking to learn and engage with contemporary art. We draw attention to the little parts, a nugget of context, a nuanced response, to effect a thoughtful, timely nudge.

Our Stand

We look to do more, better.

We seek to build collectors, empower artists, and inspire enthusiasts to start in ways we can.

We aspire to be a reliable informant and platform for the visual arts, draw audiences to what Asian contemporary art can offer and then offer something back.